Turning It All Around Part 2

Turning It All Around Part 2

Ok so what I am going to do is write this "recap post" as a followup to my very first post called: Turning It All Around and just tell you what I have been doing since that post, what projects and ideas I have been working on and so on in order to fulfill the goal of that first post.

Well to begin with I kind of failed miserably to achieve my first $ which was all because I fell into my past habit of avoiding the issue at hand. Getting Traffic. However, it is still early.

Maybe it was justified in that I wasn't really prepared to receive any in the first place. I was relying on my affiliate offers and yet wasn't driving any traffic to any of them. Instead I was creating content in various areas that I hope integrate the whole WebTraficCash project into a working system.

My First actions after writing that very first blog post was to create a couple of free offers. Free information that is hoped will help me to build a list. Here are the offers I have set in place:

On top of those two free offers I have set in place other free offers and some more paid offers as indicated below. I have called these sections Resources so that I can build and add to them later.

I have also written approximately 10 article blog posts within the Free Traffic Section of the WebTrafficCash Blog. You can read them here:

Although that doesn't look like too much work it as been quite a big job to set in place, due mainly to an email list issue.

You see I created a free list for every free product so that I knew where the list member had come from. This became an issue when I realized that I needed to create auto responder sequences and would therefore have to create several ARSs (Auto-Responder Sequences)

I don't use Aweber or any of the paid options and instead opted for Interspire Email Marketer which is great but it doesn't allow a member to sign onto more than one list at a time. I had to then learn some coding to get the (for example) Traffic Surge signups to also sign up to a GENERIC List that I would use to send the ARs and future offers.

I am glad to say that I have just (11th Oct 2014) solved that issue through a bit of creative coding (I'm not a programmer but will have a go at anything within easy reach).

On top of those free offers mentioned above I have created some back end/additional free offers. Kind of casting my net a little wider so to speak.

I have a little housekeeping to do regarding the above mentioned items but am almost ready to start getting traffic.

The actual traffic generation process will begin with the launch of my Brand New Product: The Free Traffic Guide.  you can check out the sales page using the previous link or you can check out the JV Affiliate Request Page Here or from the Free Traffic Guide JV Tools Page.

I have also created all of the JV Tools for The Free Traffic Guide as well as created a 5 Part Daily eZine for affiliates and an affiliate training manual.


The Next Step

Although the next step is quite appropriate here. It is somewhat premature. I feel that I have to finish the housekeeping regarding all of the above before going out 100% to drive traffic. I cannot really drive traffic to my free offers until The Free Traffic Guide is launched as I have tied The Free Traffic Guide into the free offers mentioned above.

Having said all that, I have begun building twitter lists, adding facebook groups and friends as well as collecting more resources such as blogs and forum addresses etc in preparation to begin my primary sales generating through affiliates.

My primary traffic sources related directly to my blog will be the main tasks after launching The Free Traffic Guide. Again however, I have also decided to begin driving traffic to my Road Map To Wealth ebook and video/seminar (which is almost ready) and although this ties in again with the Free Traffic Guide promotion I think I can feel comfortable starting and testing a few traffic generation methods.


I will keep you informed and as always...

Thanks For Listening


Stephen Hawkins








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